New Truck Research Thwarted

Lynx is upset with the time we spend on the Internet and is hereby throttling our bandwidth.

“I’m upset with the time my humans spend on the Internet.  I’m hereby throttling their bandwidth with my tiny paws.”

The endless new truck research continued today.

Every day my humans are feverishly researching trucks and debating tow packages and engine sizes.  They should instead be playing with me and feeding me extra treats!

If things don’t calm down around here soon, I will alert the ASPCA.

For now, I’m thwarting their continued research efforts at the source.

One thought on “New Truck Research Thwarted

  1. In 2009 my cat Biscuit “wrote” a note to her former owner telling how she lived and what was happening here at her home with me. I kept a copy.

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