Prevent Blowouts on Your RV

Since starting our adventure, we’ve had to learn a lot about previously unfamiliar RV technical aspects and maintenance.  Without a doubt, the single biggest problem has been our travel trailer tires!  We’ve all bought, maintained, and replaced car tires before, but the same rules and information doesn’t apply to trailer tires.  There are different considerations, variables, and maintenance steps.

One of the most important components of your RV, and probably the most neglected, are your RV tires.” – Mark Polk

Without proper care a simple weekend trip can turn into a nightmare.  Use the 7 tips in this short, FREE, RV Education 101 video to prevent tire trouble from occurring on your RV trip.

RV Tire Tips by RV Education 101

We recommend these tire covers made by Classic Accessories.  You can find tire covers in grey, black, and white.  We like these grey ones because they reflect heat better than black and show less dirt than white.  These are durable, the outside can be wiped clean, and they are easy to slip on and remove.

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