Are you guys retired or something?

Ever since we started planning this adventure, we’ve been asked plenty of questions.  Here’s a running list of FAQs and answers.

1. Are you guys retired or something?
This was asked by a travel trailer salesman on one of our fact finding trips.  We’re not retired, but see no reason to wait until we’re retired to live the lifestyle we want!

2. Where are you going?
Everywhere the roads will take us! We plan to head south, do a clockwise loop around the US, and avoid winter weather at all costs.  We’re particularly excited to see or revisit Florida, Texas, Arizona and Utah.

3. How long are you camping for?
Indefinitely.  Until we’re sick of it.  Until we find a place we want to stay for a long period of time.

4. Are you going to sleep on the ground?
We’re hammock campers; we don’t do “tent and ground” sleeping!  For this adventure, we’ve purchased a 34ft long travel trailer that has a dedicated bedroom with a queen size bed.  Kayak Chris is likely to continue to hammock-camp some nights.  Gram Weenie sees no reason to leave a perfectly good, climate controlled, indoor bed.

5. Will you be safe?
As long as the bears don’t find Virginians tasty!  Of course.  We are no more or less safe living a mobile lifestyle than a stationary one.

6. So do you work?
Yes!  We are both lucky to be able to work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

7. How will you get mail?
We have a wonderful virtual mail service.  They intercept our mail, scan the front of the envelope, and post the image to a secure website.  Then we decide if we want the item opened and scanned, forwarded to our current physical location, trashed, or shredded.  This way, we can have one reliable mailing address regardless of where we are physically located.  Imagine never having to change your address again!  We use: MailboxForwarding.  (Enter promo code “32886” during checkout for a free month!)

8. How will you go to the doctor?
We have a wonderful medical practice we see virtually too!  They offer care via phone or email consultation.  If we’re in the Northern Virginia area, they also offer same-day office visits and even house calls.  We can reach them 24/7.  What a concept!

9. Is the cat coming with you?
Yes, Survival Cat was put through an intense 7 step outdoor survival training program to prepare for the journey.

10. What are you doing with your [insert possession name]?
We have stored, donated, or trashed most of our possessions.  We brought a very small amount of essential living and comfort items with us.  We need and plan to keep a low travel weight for both towing and sanity purposes.  If it’s not “ultralight” we didn’t bring it!

12. How do you afford this?  What are your day to day living expenses?
We paid off our debts, created an emergency fund, sold possessions, and found good deals on our travel trailer and tow vehicle.   We created a financial and operations plan like we’ve done before for our business ventures.  We started with an inventory of all our living expenses, estimated how they would change on the road, and set a mobile budget.  Our monthly rent (including electricity, propane, water, sewer and trash) will be replaced with (usually lower) campground fees.  Some expenses (like Gram Weenie’s spa habit) will dramatically decrease.  Other expenses (like auto insurance) will double.  As with any new project, we know the first few months will bring planned, unplanned, and one-time “startup costs.”  All and all, our living expenses will decrease over time and we’ll be able to save additional money.

13. Whose idea was this?
While Kayak Chris was already an experienced camper and outdoorsman, this was actually Gram Weenie’s idea! She loves to travel and had been wanting a change of scenery for quite some time.  After considering (and even visiting) a number of locations, we were unable to decide on just one target US state to live in.  So instead, we decided to try a mobile lifestyle as a new experience and great way to see the country.

What is your question for us?  Ask us anything in the comments section below.

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