Freshwater Rigging, Lures, Baits, and Kayak Fishing Success

Paddling the Loxahatchee River (Jupiter, FL)

Paddling the Loxahatchee River (Jupiter, FL)

One of my favorite toys, and passions in life, is my kayak and kayak fishing.  A kayak’s size and light weight works well with our kind of lifestyle and the places we visit.  We’ve been up and down the East coast and every where we go, I can barely launch my fishing kayak before someone wants to talk to me about it!  It’s quite a fishing machine when fully rigged.

Kayak fishing is gaining popularity every day.   This awesome sport is one that nearly anyone can get into quickly and affordably.

It was an amazing discovery when I got into paddle sports and finally understood what it was all about.  I used to think, “Why would anyone want a boat WITHOUT a motor on it?”  Now, I think, “Why would anyone want a boat WITH a motor on it?”  That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s sure funny!  I’m not always so absolutist, but the sentiment is there.  If you’ve tried kayak fishing even once, I’m sure you understand.  If not, you will!

Snakehead caught in Aquia Creek

Snakehead caught in Aquia Creek (Northern Virginia)

It’s remarkable what a simple change in perspective can do for an activity many of us have done for years: fish from the banks of our local lakes and rivers.  Kayak fishing will really take off when the average person realizes they can:

  • get on the water for a few hundred dollars, and
  • out-fish people who have boats that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

I’ve put all of my knowledge together, as a life long fisherman, kayak fisherman (over 15 years), and  fishing guide, in book format to help you with this exciting and fun sport!  If you’re curious about getting into it or would like a new toy to add to your RV lifestyle, this book outlines everything you need to know.

I’ve included topics like:

  • Gear and accessories
  • Rod selection
  • Lure types and techniques
  • Adapting presentations for different conditions
  • Knowing and going to where the fish are
  • Best lure colors
  • Catch, photo, and release principles
  • Staying in shape for kayak fishing
  • Fishing and boating ethics and etiquette


If you have questions about kayak fishing or already have a yak or fleet of your own, feel free to leave a comment.  Or share a link to pic of your outfitted fishing machine or recent catch!  We’d love to see them.  Finally, share this with your friends who like kayak fishing or who might like to join the fun of this sport.  See you on the water!

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