Blizzard of 2016 Avoided!

Our mission to avoid winter this year is a complete and total success!  As I’m reading about Winter Storm Jonas and the havoc it’s caused in Northern Virginia and the surrounding states,  I’m reminded of one of the many reasons we set out on this RV adventure!  (No more being cold!)

1100 Miles to Washington DC

1100 Miles to Washington DC

I couldn’t be happier to be southern Florida now.  The weather is not great today – it’s around 63 degrees with winds at 22 miles per hour.  (That’s too cold and windy to be out paddling on my Versa Board.)  BUT – we’re not buried in 20 inches of snow like most of our family and friends.  I hope everyone is weathering the storm well.  Keep your spirits up and the online photos coming!

Future Travel Plans

When we set out on this trip, we had a basic initial route in mind.  I needed to get from Northern Virginia to Miami by August 1, where I’d leave for my trip to Peru.  Now we’re loosely planning our next leg of the trip.  We have no more “travel deadlines” to meet and are going to move at our own pace.  In a couple of months we’ll go North (up the West coast of Florida this time) and stay in approx 5 Florida cities.  Then, we’re on to Mobile and then to New Orleans (which Kayak Chris hasn’t seen yet).  After that, it’s all about Texas and eating as many tacos as humanly possible.

So far we are accomplishing our goals of seeing new places, touring State and National parks, living more simply, saving money, and the big one: avoiding winter.

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