Key Largo Sunsets

Key West boasts about its sunsets, but we think they are better in Key Largo.  Watching this daily occurrence is an official activity in Key Largo; so much that I often set an alarm, so we wouldn’t miss it.  Neighbors gather to watch the often stunning descent of the sun along with the colors that emerge afterwards (which are sometimes even prettier.)  It’s a great way to meet people and there’s no such thing as “too many sunset photos.”

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PANO_20151011_192702 - Copy PANO_20160228_181413 - Copy

12778878_925986480789203_5588493198232048355_o - Copy IMG_20151011_192640 - Copy IMG_20160101_175128 - Copy
IMG_20151009_185302 - Copy IMG_20150927_191408 - Copy IMG_20151011_192652 - Copy
IMG_20150924_191322 IMG_20150925_191207 - Copy IMG_20150924_191156
IMG_20150920_190349 IMG_20150904_192450 IMG_20150919_195112
IMG_20160326_192518 - Copy IMG_20160316_191003 - Copy IMG_20160326_193010 - Copy
IMG_20150901_195458 IMG_20160228_181522 - Copy IMG_20150825_193749
20151011_192712 - Copy versa-sunset - Copy 12496118_10154061382878466_8019794635493313708_o - Copy
IMG_20150907_191712 IMG_20151011_192621 - Copy IMG_20150825_193708

Which one is your favorite?

Also see the Time Lapse Florida Keys Sunset by Kayak Chris.

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