Finding Personal Happiness

Kayak Chris found the following article that’s a great take on finding personal happiness.   The premise is that staying in your hometown “severely limits the definitions you accept for what makes you successful. Oddly, most of the hometown definitions of success have nothing to do with happiness. They have to do with becoming what everyone in your past expects or desires given who you used to be.

We totally agree with this.  As described in “How We Got Here” the area we’re from comes with expectations of high salaries, large house sizes, and fancy car brands.  None of these things appeal to us and we’re happy to have escaped those society-imposed expectations.

We share the author’s philosophy of “Who cares if you bring in $100k a year if it only buys you a crappy apartment that you hate, in a city that stresses you out, with friends that don’t inspire you, and a daily existence you mostly daydream about escaping from?

Those are our thoughts exactly.

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