The Sounds of Sterling

While I’ll certainly miss family, friends, and food, there are a number of things I won’t miss about suburban condo living.  Most of them can be classified under what I call “The Sounds of Sterling.”

Even with the windows completely closed, each day brought the following menagerie of predictable sounds.

  • Constant sirens and dispatch announcements emanating from Fire Station 18.
  • Backup beeping from construction equipment erecting a new neighborhood across the street.
  • Leaf blowers from lawn crews doing an extra thorough job.
  • Insults and acquisitions flowing from nearby domestic disputes.
  • Pet birds chirping in their tiny cages.
  • Resident inflicted bangs and crashes that shake the walls.
  • Curses and horseplay as students pass on their way to high school.
  • Car horns warning someone accidentally pressed their key chain alarm button.

The sounds our new campground living quarters will bring remains to be heard.  I’m preparing for early morning wake-ups by excited kids, pet dogs barking as they long to be unleashed, and the mid-afternoon generator symphony that powers neighboring air conditioner units.

Other than that, I’m hoping for nature to bring its ambient noise and drown out the activities of our fellow humans.

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