Flying Over the Grand Canyon

grand-canyon-helicopterOn this bucket list adventure, we flew over the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in an ECO-Star helicopter.  We strapped in, held on, and were amazed as the ground dropped away – leaving us hovering over the massive canyon!

The huge, 90ft Ponderosa Pine trees looked like toothpicks from the sky.

In this point of view high-definition video, you’ll see the gorge 5,000 feet down, the Colorado River raging below, and huge Ponderosa Pines on the cliff face.

Fly with us via our HD video: Helicopter Ride Flying Over the Grand Canyon

If you haven’t seen the Grand Canyon this way, we highly recommend it!

One thought on “Flying Over the Grand Canyon

  1. That is a fantastic adventure! The Grand Canyon is so vast you don’t really understand the scale of it until you experience in person, right? I love it out there. And Rachel, just have to say, you look so much like your Mom in this picture (and that is a good thing).

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