Publishing on the Road

JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook

JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and it’s because I was finishing up a large project.  One of the items on my bucket list was to write a book.  I started this project before we hit the road in November 2014.  It took two years, but I finally finished it and published from our RV in Port Isabel, Texas!  The launch was on day 557 of our trip.

Publishing from the road has the same challenges as working from the road.  It’s up to you to find the needed tools (ex: a stable internet connection) and to motivate yourself to complete the work, no matter how tempting the scenery is outside your RV door. Continue reading

Flying Over the Grand Canyon

grand-canyon-helicopterOn this bucket list adventure, we flew over the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in an ECO-Star helicopter.  We strapped in, held on, and were amazed as the ground dropped away – leaving us hovering over the massive canyon!

The huge, 90ft Ponderosa Pine trees looked like toothpicks from the sky.

In this point of view high-definition video, you’ll see the gorge 5,000 feet down, the Colorado River raging below, and huge Ponderosa Pines on the cliff face. Continue reading