So are you a tobacco farmer?

Last year I took one of my “detour” trips.  We’re still on our RV trip, but I needed to go to California for business.  I guess you could call that, a “trip within a trip.”  And since I was already off to CA, why not add in some sightseeing too?  So it turned into a “trip within a trip within a trip.”

I flew from New Orleans to Los Angeles, spent a couple days there, and drove the Pacific Coast Highway North to San Jose.

While I was in LA, I took a city tour with some Australian tourists.  When hearing I was from Northern Virginia, one asked “So, are you a tobacco farmer?”   He asked with a totally straight face, which was answered by a totally confused look on my face.  It got me thinking:  What do others picture when you tell them where you’re from?

He equated “Northern Virginia” with “tobacco farming.” I looked it up – tobacco was definitely produced all over Virginia although it was mostly towards the South in the Piedmont area.  I can kill a plant by just looking at it.  I’ll stick to computers.

Northern Virginia Perception

Tobacco” by Brian Sterling
Northern Virginia Reality

Traffic after the fireworks” by Elvert Barnes

As a Northern Virginia native, I think of technology, government contracting, wine, horses, ham, and even peanuts before I think of tobacco.

I can understand it though; I’ve traveled many places and often what I expect isn’t even close to reality. I’ll share my most embarrassingly incorrect perception so you won’t feel silly about any of yours.

The first time I visited Arizona:

Arizona Perception

Erg Chebbi Dunes” by Scott Presly
Arizona Reality

“Sonoran Desert” by Rachel Wright

What were your incorrect travel misconceptions?

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