Year 1 Travel Patterns

Today is our one year “RVersary”; we’ve been on the road for a full year!  I’ve analyzed our miles and days between stops. Our travel patterns sure have changed since we started!

  • In year one, we visited 16 different campgrounds in 5 different states.
  • Our very first trip was the longest and the only one to include a stop over.
  • We averaged 146 miles per trip.
    • Our longest trip was from home to Pigeon Forge, TN.  Our shortest was moving between two campgrounds in Crystal City, FL.
  • We initially moved very often, so I could get to Miami by August for a pre-planned flight to Peru.
    • Everyone in a campground is nice and waves to you – except in Miami!  Kayak Chris had only the cat to talk to while I was away.
    • Our first 100 days in photos are centered around food and fishing.
  • Our 39 mile trip to Key Largo changed our travel pace.
    • I enjoyed driving less than an hour so much, that all subsequent trips have been short distances.
    • We stayed in Key Largo for 224 days, avoiding the blizzard of 2016.
    • We ate a lot of good food and watched many sunsets.
  • Along the way, I’ve noticed some things I don’t do anymore.
  • We averaged 24 days at each campground.
    • That number is skewed by long stays in Miami and Key Largo however.  (Without those stops, the average is more like 8 days.)
    • We stayed in Ochopee, FL only one day.  (The lack of cell service made us move on.)
  • I’ve learned not to promise we’ll be in a specific place at a certain time.  (I thought we’d be in a whole other state by now!)
    • We are no longer on a schedule and are enjoying the journey.

We are happy to continue on our adventure, living our Ultralight Life!

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